STACEY KENT "Breakfast on the Morning Tram"

   1. The Ice Hotel (Jim Tomlinson/Kazuo Ishiguro) 5.28
   2. Landslide (Stevie Nicks) 3.48
   3. Ces Petits Riens (Serge Gainsbourg) 3.21
   4. I Wish I Could Go Travelling Again (Jim Tomlinson/Kazuo Ishiguro) 4.07
   5. So Many Stars (Sergio Mendes/M & A Bergman) 4.00
   6. Samba Saravah (B Powell/P Barouh / V deMoraes) 3.50
   7. Breakfast on the Morning Tram (Jim Tomlinson/Kazuo Ishiguro) 5.54
   8. Never Let Me Go (Jay Livingston/Ray Evans) 4.39
   9. So Romantic (Jim Tomlinson/Kazuo Ishiguro) 5.00
  10. Hard Hearted Hannah (Bob Bigelow/Charles Bates/Jack Yellen/Milton Ager) 4.49
  11. La Saison des Pluies (Elek Bacsik/Serge Gainsbourg) 2.48
  12. What a Wonderful World (G Douglas/G D Weiss/B Thiele) 4.26


Stacey Kent - voice
Graham Harvey - piano and Fender Rhodes;
John Parricelli - guitars
Dave Chamberlain - double bass
Matt Skelton - drums and percussion
Jim Tomlinson - tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, flute

Recorded at Curtis Schwartz Studios, England, March - April 2007. Recorded and mixed by Curtis Schwartz. Mastered by Curtis Schwartz.

Produced by Jim Tomlinson for Token Productions.
All arrangements by Jim Tomlinson.

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Breakfast on the Morning Tram